Prince William County Reckless Driving Lawyers

Lawyers provide legal services and representation for those charged with crimes under Virginia’s notoriously strict traffic laws. More than a simple traffic ticket, a conviction can lead to the loss of a prison sentence and a criminal record that can affect education, employment status and opportunity. A simple violation of the law, such as entering or exiting traffic, can result in a misdemeanor charge.

If you are facing additional criminal charges, click here to visit the Prince William County Public Defender’s Office website for more information. You can also call 888-437-7747 to discuss your legal rights under Virginia’s notoriously strict traffic laws and other legal issues.

If you are arrested and charged with a crime that goes beyond civil violation, it is in your best interest to contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible. Early action helps secure important evidence and protect your rights during the criminal proceedings you face.

Many people charged with traffic offences never face criminal charges, but without the assistance of a qualified lawyer you can suffer unnecessary consequences and hardship. Your case is in jeopardy and your experienced lawyer knows what to do to help you maintain your freedom and privileges.

Do not wait to find out what kind of penalties you could face, but wait until you contact a lawyer. The longer you wait, the less time your lawyer has to research your case and develop a defense strategy for you.

While many are clearly aggressive, others can be caused by driver distraction, ignorance or vehicle malfunction. Virginia’s traffic laws define certain driving incidents as reckless, but visit the Virginia DMV’s website for more information on the laws and penalties that could accompany them.

As a misdemeanor, reckless driving can result in up to a year in prison, but if the offense does not escalate to a degree of recklessness, you can seek speeding advice from a lawyer in Prince William today. Finding an attorney to handle your case in Prince William County is easy if you know what qualities to look for.

The firm’s attorneys have experience in dealing with serious traffic violations, including DUI, and with experienced criminal defense attorneys, they are able to handle even the most difficult traffic cases. They can visit their sites to get more information about the services they provide and what helps to launch a strong defense against criminal charges.

The line between normal ticket and reckless driving is very narrow, and it is wise to understand what could constitute a criminal offence while driving. If you have already been arrested or charged with any of these offences, understanding what actions constitute a criminal offence before it is too late can help your lawyer mitigate any charges you face, so that they can at least mitigate the impact of a possible conviction on your life as much as possible. Even if you have already been arrested and charged with an offence, you should be aware of the range of offences that could arise from your driving and what type of charge you are facing that could result in you receiving a harsher sentence than is necessary.

If convicted of reckless driving, your case will be heard in Prince William County Circuit Court, 9311 Lee Avenue. They can be found in the Court of Criminal Justice at the Prince Williams County Courthouse in Richmond, Virginia. If you have been charged with reckless driving, your next step is to contact a qualified attorney who can build a solid defense on your behalf. Contact a Prince William County Recruitment Lawyer or call us today to arrange a free consultation.