Hit and Run Charge in Henrico Virginia

When a person involved in an accident and unfortunately this caused serious damage to another person, there are many state laws that require the drivers to take some steps to avoid the severe condition of the injured person after the occurrence of the accident. He/she should call the police so that they can arrive on time and collect all data without misplacing any proof or other evidence. And contact his/her insurance company to avoid getting in more trouble. For the most part, those engaged with a mishap must remain at the accident spot after it happens, the person should not run immediately but to ask for help for the person in need, and be there until police arrive. In any case, it truly relies upon the certainties of the case.

Laws of Hit and Run after Accident in Henrico Virginia

In Henrico Virginia, the state has made various laws for Hit and Run charge. These laws help to avoid bad and immoral behavior of individuals who involved in accidents and leave the spot without helping to the injured persons, only then it is considered as a crime. But if a person stays with the injured person and provides him all possible help and first-aid, then the person involved in an accident will not be charged with the violation of laws. He may just have to pay the fine for causing damage to another person.

Penalties for the Violation of Hit and Run Laws

In Henrico Virginia, there are various penalties for Hit and Run Charge. Most states force fines of amongst $5,000 and $20,000. What’s more, there is genuine potential for detainment as discipline for a lawful offense attempt at manslaughter. Contingent upon the nature of the accident and the wounds that came about, in a few expresses an unlawful offense attempt and the offender deserves up to 15 years in jail. If a person runs immediately after the accident, this is considered as a crime in Henrico Virginia. And leaves the injured person on the road, police can easily find that person and then he will be charged with violation of laws. He will be charged with a fine and can be jailed for his actions. The court will decide the punishments according to the circumstances. If the person is seriously injured then the offender can go to jail for a specific period. But if the injured person dies after the accident then the offender can be sentenced up to death penalty.

Defense Attorneys in Henrico Virginia

If you are charged in a Hit and Run case and you are guilty of what has been done. You didn’t run from the accident spot and called the police. You did everything to rescue the injured person that means you have done a great job. But you will be still charged with some fine. But if you Hit and then ran immediately from the place where the accident occurs, you can be charged with some serious penalties like a heavy amount of fine and can be jailed. In this situation, you will need a lawyer that can help you to reduce the charges and get you out of the trouble. Law offices of SRIS P.C. is at your facility to help you with Hit and Run charges in Henrico Virginia. Call on our helpline for best advice.