Henrico Virginia Sex Crime Lawyer

In Henrico Virginia, there is a wide range of illegal sexual acts that can accuse you of criminal charges. These illegal acts include influencing somebody to participate in sexual activity by force. Performing sexual acts without the consent of other person are count as a crime. The offender can be fined and imprisoned by the court for his actions. Performing this act with underage kids can bring serious charges against you. Punishments incorporate at least five years in jail. If the offender has caused harm to the minor while performing an illegal activity, the time period of imprisonment can exceed from 5 years. It is illegal to take part in sexual acts with minors. If the kid is in between the age of 13 and 15 then this is a class 4 offense. If the minor has done everything with his/her consent, this is still illegal and it is a class 6 offense. If the victim is above 18 but the act was not performed with his/her consent. This is also a crime and considered as rape. If the victim died while this brutal act then penalties an offender will face are; lifetime imprisonment in jail and fine up to $10,000.

Henrico Virginia Sex Crime Lawyers

In the event that you have been accused of sex crimes in Henrico Virginia and you are facing difficulties. In this situation, you are in a need of an experienced lawyer. You need a lawyer with extraordinary skills that can save you from every possible bad situation. You should hire a sex crime lawyer that can lower the charges against you. A lawyer will first analyze your case and then evaluate the solution to your problem. If the person you have assaulted was an adult but his/her consent was not involved in the act, this will be considered as a crime. But in the case of a minor, consent does not really matter. Means, if the whole act was done with the consent of the minor, this would still consider as a crime. Both situations have different punishments, and an experienced lawyer in the related field can better sort out your case. A sex crime lawyer will survey your case carefully, and a find a possible outcome to protect you in court or help to arrange a plea deal that may bring about lessened charges and punishments. The main objective of a lawyer is to keep your name off the sex offender list.

Law offices of SRIS P.C. in Henrico Virginia has numerous lawyers related to this section of crime. If you are charged with a sex crime in Henrico Virginia and you need to hire a lawyer with exceptional qualities that can assist your case and get you out of these allegations. We are here at your facility; we have brilliant and experienced lawyers. We can give you the guarantee that our lawyers will not only decrease the penalties and fine but also remove your name from the sex offender’s record.