Henrico Virginia Protective Order Laws

A Protective Order Law is a legal document which is issued by the government of any state. There are basically three types of protective orders. The first one is Emergency Protective Order, the second one is Preliminary Protective Order, and the third one is Final Protective Order.  The validity of these orders is 3 days, 15 days and 2 years. The purpose of this order is to provide safety and guard to the victim from the offender. A victim can be anyone who is being harassed by an offender or being suffered by different types of violence and threats. These orders are basically issued against domestic violence. Victim itself or any other family member of the victim can appeal to this order. After the issuance of this document, the offender must have to follow the laws otherwise he will have to face penalties. An offender can be involved in many kinds of threatening acts. For instance, if a person is feeling insecure from another person, because the other person can cause harm the victim, to avoid these situations Henrico Virginia has made some laws.

How Can a Protective Order Law help you?

A Protective order from Henrico Virginia court will help you to stay safe from the abuser or offender. The offender cannot ignore this order otherwise he will have to face serious consequences of this act. If the abuser is someone from the family he/she must have to follow orders of the court. These orders are filed for domestic violence cases, in which the abuser is mostly the husband. The court will order him to stay away from the victim.  The court will also order him to pay for the damages of the victim caused by him. In some serious conditions, the court can also order him to leave the house, no matter if it’s his house. He will have to leave the house and pay for your daily expenses in any case. If you both have children, the court will grant the custody of your kids in your account. He will bear all the expenses of you and your children. Even the fee of court and hiring a lawyer will also be paid by the abuser. He cannot deny the order of the court. A Protective order will hold back an offender to commit any further crime in the future.

Protective Order Lawyers in Henrico Virginia

In Henrico Virginia, there are many attorneys that are providing lawyers for cases related protective orders. But Law offices of SRIS P.C. is the only group that has exceptional lawyers with great experiences in the history. Every lawyer has extra-ordinary skills that will help you to win the case. In any case, if you are charged with a violent crime and the court has issued a protective order against you. You are at the right place; our lawyers will help you to get out of these allegations. Your charges can be lowered and dismissed completely.